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Creative Building Products, located in central Virginia, is a distributor of a variety of innovative and energy efficient building products. Our company is backed by a strong history in the building industry and we've always been particularly interested in various energy efficient building methods. In 1993, our sister company Creative Environments Co. built the first complete Insulated Concrete Form house in the state of Virginia, making us one of the most experienced with ICFs in the state.

Because of there superior energy efficiency, strength and durability, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) have always been our primary focus. In the past we have sold various ICF form systems and have found the quality and user-friendliness of ECO-Block Insulated Concrete Forms to be superior to other forming systems on the market today. Over the years we have continued to add products that compliment the quality and durability of Insulated Concrete Forms; including products such as: Parex stucco and EIFS, Polyguard waterproofing, Dietrich steel floor joist systems, MM air filters, and Wind-Lock tools and accessories.

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