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UV Pro-Clean Air Filters

The UV Pro-Clean air filter eliminates indoor air contaminants while significantly reducing dust levels so you and your family enjoy a healthier life. This filter is a completely self-cleaning system (patented) which means you do not have to change the filter at any time.

First, the filter uses an ultraviolet C (UVC) lamp which has the ability to kill living organisms such as bacteria, molds, viruses and germs which can cause serious illness or allergic reactions when inhaled. Many of these living organisms are so small (less than .3 microns) that they can fly right through ordinary filters. This fact underscores the importance of using Ultraviolet light to purify indoor air.

Second, the UV Pro-Clean Filter is an electrostatic filter. The Activism (the filter mesh) chamber becomes negatively charged through the process of "Electro negativity" (whereby electrons of dust, toxins and molecular microorganisms are ejected). This enables the Activism Chamber to attract and collect the resultant positively charged airborne contaminants for further irradiation and decomposition through the Hydroxyl and Photochemical processes.

Third, the Hydroxyl "Self Cleaning" mechanism captures non-living organic matter such as ordinary house dust, and then the Hydroxyl chain reaction continuously cleans the Activism chamber eliminating the need to routinely clean or change air filters! The organic matter ends up a minute amounts of H2O (water vapor) and harmless CO2(carbon dioxide).

No other filter compares!