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Stucco & EIFS

Stucco and EIFS (Exterior Insulating Finish Systems) are not created equally. Stucco is primarily cement based while EIFS consists of an acrylic (plastic) base.

Because stucco is cement based, it will tend to crack and mottle over time; it will also vary in thickness and texture. Many people view these tendencies as part of the authentic beauty and antiquity of stucco while others see them as flaws.

On the other hand, EIFS have a distinct modern appearance. EIFS tend to have more flexibility therefore minimizing cracking. EIFS are usually mono-chromatic with no color variation, and thickness is gauged into the mixture by varying the aggregate size.

Over the years, Parex has endeavored to create products that simulate the beauty and antiquity of authentic stucco while maintaining many of the wonderful features of EIFS such as minimal cracking and improved insulation.

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