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Below is an actual case study of the energy bills of this Virginian home. The exterior walls of this home was built entirely with Insulated Concrete Forms. Smart building practices were used such as: good windows and doors, an efficient HVAC unit and air sealing. The family living in this home at the time of the study lived a normal life and enjoyed average indoor temperatures. This is an all electric home and no extraordinary measures for taken to reach the heating and cooling bills you see below.

Energy Savings with ICFs Average Annual Electric Bill: $2,062.60
Average Monthly Bill: $171.88
Average Base Rate per Month: $132.12

Average Annual Heating & A/C: $450.36

Average Monthly Heating & A/C: $37.53

House Square Footage: 4080 sq.ft.
Annual Heating & Cooling Cost per sq.ft.: $0.1104

This study was conducted over the course of five years. The cost of heating and cooling were determined by subtracting out the base rate from the monthly total. The base rate represents the operating cost of everything electrical exclusive of the HVAC unit and is found using a method developed by Virginia Power. According to this method, the base rate is equal to the average of the lowest spring and fall bills. Virginia Power has concluded that this is an accurate means for determining heating and cooling costs.

Bill DateMonthUsed KWHDaysTotal BaseHeating & A/C
Nov. 08, 1995October133029$119.71$120.34$0.63
Dec. 08, 1995November197030$170.65$120.34$50.32
Jan. 10, 1996December277034$231.65$120.34$111.32
Feb. 08, 1996January247028$196.95$120.34$76.62
Mar. 11, 1996February230030$185.29$120.34$64.96
Apr. 09, 1996March179028$147.76$120.34$27.43
May 09, 1996April164034$139.46$120.34$19.13
Jun. 01, 1996May140029$120.96$124.24$3.28
Jul. 11, 1996June214032$178.48$124.24$54.24
Aug. 09, 1996July173030$148.21$124.24$23.97
Sep. 11, 1996August224033$189.04$124.24$64.80
Oct. 10, 1996September167028$143.59$124.24$19.35
Nov. 08, 1996October148030$127.52$136.41$8.89
Dec. 11, 1996November212033$175.76$136.41$39.35
Jan. 13, 1997December233034$191.75$136.41$55.34
Feb. 12, 1997January225028$185.88$136.41$49.47
Mar. 13, 1997February205030$170.65$136.41$34.24
Apr. 11, 1997March172029$145.30$144.28$1.02
May 12, 1997April179032$150.21$144.28$5.93
Jun. 11, 1997May183029$151.62$144.28$7.34
Jul. 11, 1997June225029$185.79$144.28$41.51
Aug. 11, 1997July277033$226.53$144.28$82.25
Sep. 11, 1997August251030$206.37$144.28$62.09
Oct. 10, 1997September189028$158.63$144.28$14.35
Nov. 07, 1997October169029$143.26$146.49$3.23
Dec. 10, 1997November204033$170.18$146.49$23.70
Jan. 12, 1998December264034$216.07$146.49$69.59
Feb. 11, 1998January233031$191.61$146.49$45.13
Mar. 12, 1998February196027$162.55$146.49$16.07
Apr. 10, 1998March198029$161.79$146.49$15.31
May 11, 1998April187033$149.71$140.72$9.00
Jun. 11, 1998May207029$163.80$140.72$23.09
Jul. 13, 1998June251034$195.90$140.72$55.19
Aug. 12, 1998July243028$190.94$140.72$50.23
Sep. 11, 1998August265029$210.14$140.72$69.43
Oct. 13, 1998September261033$210.05$140.72$69.34
Nov. 09, 1998October156025$131.72$131.65$0.07
Dec. 10, 1998November222033$183.77$131.65$52.13
Jan. 14, 1999December250034$205.89$131.65$74.25
Feb. 12, 1999January212030$177.58$131.65$45.94
Mar. 15, 1999February207028$172.80$131.65$41.16
Apr. 16, 1999March209032$174.46$131.65$42.82
May 13, 1999April155029$131.57$135.13$3.56
Jun. 14, 1999May205032$171.13$135.13$36.00
Jul. 13, 1999June237029$192.33$135.13$57.20
Aug. 12, 1999July289032$234.54$135.13$99.41
Sep. 13, 1999August265030$216.05$135.13$80.92
Oct. 13, 1999September225033$185.52$135.13$50.39
Nov. 10, 1999October164028$138.68$145.19$6.51
Dec. 13, 1999November184030$153.75$145.19$8.56
Jan. 13, 2000December250034$204.41$145.19$59.22
Feb. 11, 2000January263032$217.17$145.19$71.98
Mar. 13, 2000February182026$154.20$145.19$9.01
Apr. 11, 2000March191032$161.04$145.19$15.85
May 11, 2000April179030$151.69$145.19$6.50
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